Friday, October 13, 2017


Jordan is so much better.  Today, he and his mom came over and he is back to his old self.  What a relief.  I am so grateful that our friends helped us get him to doctor who took great care of him.
Anytime one of my loved ones is sick it is stressful, but when it is one of the kids my stress level goes through the roof.

Rick and I practiced a little preventative medicine today.  We both got flu shots.  I know that there are many who are skeptical of any type vaccination and that is a personal choice.  Working in a hospital setting, having primary immune issues, makes me a setting duck for things like the flu.  Yes, there have been a few times through the years that I have gotten the flu, even after the shot.  But I never know how well my immune system is functioning, so just walking around in a crowd can be a crap shoot for me.  Anything I can do to hedge my catching something, I do.  I eat healthy, wash my hands with soap and water often, take probiotics, rest as much as I can, exercise , get fresh air and sunshine and hope for the best.  I take vitamins and supplements too.

After our shots, we had a delightful lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, then did some errands.
This afternoon, chores filled the hours until dark.   Dinner was cooked on the grill and as always, I cook and Rick cleans the kitchen.  I love our system.

No gigs this weekend, several things on our to do list.  Here's hoping you all have a great weekend. Friends and family in the midwest watch for the storms.  May you all be safe. Sending every type of energy I can muster out to California, I hope the rains come soon.
Remember, be kind, send love, spread joy.


  1. I believe in flu shots. I have not had the flu since I began the injections many years ago.

  2. Jilda, I'm so happy to learn that your little cute man is feeling so much better. I'm sure it's a big relief to everyone.

    All the best to you.
    Hugs, Julia