Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Gift

It's that time again, time to say goodbye to students and hello to students.   This can be a tough part of my job.  Watching those who leave, spread their wings and move on to a better life and seeing those who walk in for the first time, scared, embarrassed, angry and hurt.

The drive home was wonderful this evening.  Autumn sunsets take your breath here in North Alabama.  This evening there were purple clouds with silver linings and streaks of rose, crimson, tangerine and fuchsia.  I envy those whose houses have a western view, I hope they realize how lucky they are on days like today.

One of the dogs brought me a gift today.  I had just gotten my lunch ready when I heard Red the Hen clucking.  I stepped out the back door and there at the door  lay a big dead rat.  The last time we used the grill Sam had squealed because she swore a big rat jumped out from under the grill out back and ran between her feet.  Rick and I laughed at her.  I figure the gift  must have been her critter and Hook and Lady and Calliou made sure he would not scare her again.

Early class in the morning, and rumors of our first frost.  But then it will be 70 degrees by Friday and then more frost Saturday and Sunday. So goes Alabama weather.
Enjoy your hump day.  Share some joy, spread some kindness.

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  1. Grill rat sound kind of unusual but I bet someone would enjoy that sort of meal if hungry enough, haha.

    I'm surprised that you're getting your first frost in that warm climate.

    We have had several light frost but some flowers are still blooming in the little protected areas.

    I can't believe we are already coming close to the end of October. Happy Hump day tomorrow.
    Hugs, Julia