Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Official Forecast

I get a Farmers Almanac weekly newsletter.  It is always such fun, filled with interesting facts, folklore and weather information.  This morning I read about the persimmon seed winter forecast.
Jordan was spending the day with us and though he did not feel very well I knew this was a great science/folklore lesson.

We picked our persimmon, the biggest we could find.  Our wild persimmons here in Alabama are only about the size of a quarter, most are smaller.  We squished it open, and then Rick helped us split the seeds.  We had four seeds.  When you split the seed you will see either a fork, spoon or knife image( it is true).  A fork represents a mild winter, spoons represent heavy snow, and a knife represents windy and cold.    We had 3 spoons and 1 knife.  Jordan's official winter forecast for Empire, Alabama...a cold winter with 3 snow events.   I hope he is right.    Will keep you posted.

We have practiced for our gig this evening.  We are playing at the Frog Level Festival in Fayett, Al Friday evening.  Our first time there, it should be loads of fun.

Be kind tomorrow.


  1. I love Jordan's prediction. I hope it comes true.
    I also hope he feels better soon.
    Hugs, Julia