Thursday, October 5, 2017


The third Yama today, non-stealing.  We know what it means to take things that don't belong to us, but there are other ways we steal as well.  We steal someone's time when we are chronically late.
If someone does something kind for us and we don't return that kindness, we have stolen.
There are givers and takers in the world.  It goes without saying much that takers, who take your love, your spirit, your energy, your talents steal as well.

We steal when we are in yoga class and someone does postures better than we do and we fill ourselves with envy.  We steal our joy from our hearts when we are not grateful.  What about those energy robbers who drain you every time you are around them?  You know the ones, who leave you exhausted after each conversation or encounter.

It is a beautiful Harvest Moon tonight.  Please take time to go out and gaze upon its beauty.
Remember that same moon shines on all humanity, take a moment to send love and kindness to each and every one.  Wishing peace on earth tonight, goodwill toward man.


  1. I like the message of the third Yama.

  2. A good message to ponder on.
    We have partly cloudy sky tonight. I didn't see the harvest moon clearly.
    Hugs, Julia