Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Surprise

On this last night of November 2016 there is sadness and gratitude.  We are so grateful for the rains, but saddened by the destructive killing storms that came through our state last night.  We were lucky, a few tree limbs tossed about but  to our north and west there were many who were not so lucky.
We live in a beautiful state, but our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the dips in the Jet Stream create violent weather patterns in the spring and fall.  Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees, tomorrow highs in the 50's.

I thought because of the drought and the record breaking warm fall temps, our chance for a any color was lost.   I was wrong, there have been vivid pockets here and there.  Today after the rains passed and the sun came out I discovered a surprise as I walked the dogs.  I share with you the beauty of Mother Nature tonight.

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  1. I'm glad you guys are OK. I know the rain is so needed but the tornados could have stayed away! Your color is beautiful. Enjoy and hope more rain will come your way but without harsh storms.