Saturday, November 19, 2016

Living Forest

Today was the day, all the potted plants and trees  had to be brought into the house.  We have a freeze warning tonight, so it had to be done.   We started with the BIG citrus trees which touch our 16 foot ceilings. We repotted, nourished and pruned those babies first.  Then we moved on to the smaller bleeding heart and all the rest.  This job has taken about 6-7 hours today, plus we washed windows as well.  We are windburned and tired.  But it is nice and cozy living in a forest with the fireplace keeping us warm and toasty.

In years past creatures have come in on the plants.  One year, we had a chipmunk and we have had several lizards and such find their way in as well.  The next few days could be interesting.

My body aches, and I think this might be my earliest bed time since I was six.
Wishing you all a Sunday filled with peace.


  1. You must be exhausted! Our temperatures were in the teens overnight. So much for the warmer-than-usual temperatures scientists predicted because of La Nina.

  2. Good heavens! I bet you two are taking Aleve and a hot bath. But the trees make a rain forest for your living space!