Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Elixir of Life

Forest fires are raging in our neighborhood again.  I am so tired of smelling wood smoke.  It has become obvious that we have an arsonist in our area and there are probably others throughout the state.  I think about the beauty being destroyed, the wild life dying and the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line and I wonder what kind of human would do this.

As a COPD patient my lungs are battling the smoke as well.  Every time I go outside and come back in I smell like smoke.  I am using my inhalers more and more.  The dogs have been restless and nervous all the day, just like they get when we have tornadoes.

We have gone past 50 days without rain and there is none in sight.  Everywhere you look you see brown parched trees and grass. Even the people look parched.  I know that other places deal with drought.  I have spent time in Northern California during those times.  But, it is different here.
Usually we are lush and green and damp.  We are use to our rivers and lakes being full, so we honestly don't have plans in place for drought, not like other places do.  I still see people watering their lawns and washing their cars.

Water is life, just like the breath.  We humans are around 70% water.  We can go without food, longer than we can water.  It is interesting that almost the whole country in some way is dealing with water issues ( from fracking, to pollution, to drought) and yet not many seem concerned.

Maybe now that the election is over people will let go of the hate and fear and get to work on the real issues, or maybe not.  Clean water, we have to have it to survive.  What good is money, politics, religion or anything else that America has been fighting over with out water, the elixir of life?

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  1. this part of So. California has had its share of wildfires. Awful ones. Hope your area gets rain soon. My mom had COPD.