Monday, November 21, 2016

Monkey Chatter

Even as a meditation teacher I have trouble with monkey chatter in  my brain.  As most of my friends and family know, I live with a day planner.  I live a busy life and the only way to keep my sanity is my trusty calendar.  Every morning I sit down and figure out "what matters most" and go from there.
Yesterday we had Thanksgiving lunch with my sister and her family, I planted my pansies and washed my yoga blankets for work, all on the calendar.  I didn't check it again after the once over that morning.

So here is where the monkey chatter had a hay day.   This morning at 1:30 I awoke bright eyed with the knowledge that I had forgotten to pick up our turkey at the grocer's yesterday.  The monkey was cutting me no slack.  I did every relaxation technique known to man, nothing.  Sleep had left the building and then, I just had to laugh.  At 2:00 am it dawned on me, no grocer was open and I had three days to pick up the turkey.  The monkey shut up and I went back to sleep.

A good laugh made it all better.   A good laugh usually makes everything better.  A good laugh at one's self is the best laugh of all.
Good night, Sweet dreams

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