Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Restful Sunday

Today we rested.  Rick and I have both been super busy for the past couple of months and I think the crash hit us yesterday.  We tried to do some Christmas shopping at the mall this afternoon and nothing clicked. After about thirty minutes we both agreed to go home, rest and try it again next week.  A long nap, black bean soup and some time with Jordan proved that home and rest was what we needed.

Rick has a busy week scheduled again and it seems  mine are always busy this time of year.
Thank goodness we have learned to listen to our bodies and we know you can't push 24/7.

The weather guys say rain is on its way.  I think they might be right this time, there is a dampness you can feel in the air...we are keeping our fingers crossed.  It is not a drought breaker but a few inches will help and maybe stop all the fires.  The smell of wood smoke is no longer something I enjoy.

The last few days of November, 2016 and then December will be here. Enjoy these moments, they will be gone before we know it.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I had a list a mile long when Thanksgiving hit and then a little sick bug hit me and dwindled that silly list! I did manage to get stuff done but rested lots in between. Sometimes that's just what we need. Have a good week Jilda!

  2. After the week you had I'm surprised you had the energy to even try to shop.