Friday, December 11, 2015

Two Weeks

It was 70 degrees today.  Hard to think that Christmas is two weeks away and the air conditioner kicked on.  Welcome to the south.

I decorated the house today.  I don't do a lot of Christmas decor but I have Santas that sit on the mantle and snowglobes and wreaths.  Tomorrow Jordan and Samantha will come over and we will decorate the tree...and possibly bake some cookies.

I am late this year, but Christmas cards will be painted in the next few days and mailed as well.
Still a bit more shopping and then the wrapping.  I have been known to wrap on Christmas eve.
It's just the way I grew up.  My mom shopped in December, the tree was decorated a week or two before Christmas, cards were sent out a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Nothing about Christmas took place at our house until December.  I love the frenzy that creates.

Since we wait about decorating the tree, I don't take it down until New Years and even then I hate to see it go.  I love sitting in the dark at night with the tree lights on listening to Christmas music.
I will bake an Irish fruitcake, make some biscotti and our traditional Christmas cookies.  If it cools down there will be hot spiced cider.  Some times I make candy.

Remember, to enjoy the holidays.  Don't let the frenzy and hustle and bustle get to you.  Smile at strangers and take time to smell the fir trees and maybe grab a kiss under the mistletoe.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. My tree is still not decorated nor my stair rail but the Christmas village, the nativity and the miniature trees are lit up. I seem to be dragging my feet this year too and I'm planning a big family meal and lots of fun but not much of gifts exchange.

    The Christmas cards are getting put on the back burner too. The mailing expenses is getting ridiculous. Instead I'm helping out my great granddaughter with her mortgage.

    Have a happy weekend.

  2. Such a delightful way to do December. I loved reading your plans and traditions.

  3. What I like most about Christmas is that it is a time when we stop to show our loved ones the emotions we should share all year long.

  4. Our tree always goes up late, too. But maybe not late enough :-) When I was very young living in England, we never saw the tree until Christmas morning- it was part of the magic of Christmas. We hung our long black stockings at the foot of the bed on Christmas Eve, then woke up in the morning to see them bulging with odd shapes- one of which was always a lovely orange from Spain in the toe- the only time of year we enjoyed delicious fresh oranges. When we went downstairs, there were never very many presents but there, for the first time, we saw the tree, all lit and shimmering with lights and glass ornaments. It was like magic, and always so exciting.

  5. Growing up we always decorated in December and with a live tree it wasn't until atleast the week before the big day. I smiled at your was almost 70 here too! Yep, way up North!