Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Lights

My students came in the room laughing today.  It is wonderful when they come in, happy and smiling.
Class was full of good positive energy.

My drive home is so beautiful and peaceful now.  It is dark, the stars are out and Christmas lights shine and twinkle through the woods.  There is magic in Christmas lights, especially those on country roads.  They might not be as creative or as sophisticated as some but they have heart.

Rick's mom and her neighborhood use to do Christmas lights big time.  None of them had much money, but those lights had heart.  We placed holly on his mom and dad's graves Sunday.  I thought of how much she loved Christmas.  I hope she is some place celebrating Christmas every day now.

Goodnight Sweet dreams

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  1. I enjoy the Christmas lights too. Especially with kids around to add to the magic.