Saturday, December 5, 2015

Not So Perfect

Christmas shopping, an excursion for Jordan's Charlie Brown tree, it has been a busy fun day.
Jordan spotted his tree early into our outing, but his mom and Rick wanted to go deeper into the woods and look at more trees.

Jordan was adamant, the tree he wanted, the tree that to him personified the spirit of a Charlie Brown
tree was the first one he saw.  And it truly had the CB spirit, tall and leggy, one sided, a tree no one would love but Charlie Brown.  I was proud of Jordan for sticking to his guns.

I see its lights tonight shinning through the woods.  I love our tradition and I hope that if Jordan has a child in years to come, they will do a Charlie Brown tree also.  The tree sits on their front porch like a beacon. The decorations look a little worn and tattered, but they have that same CB spirit as the tree.

I am proud of Jordan and Samantha for seeing worth and beauty in the not so perfect.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. How sweet and what a nice tradition. Jordan will always remember those trips into the woods, I'm sure of it. Sounds like the day you spent together was anything but imperfect!

  2. I love your CB Christmas tree tradition. I would love to see a photo f Jordan with his decorated CB Christmas tree.

    Have a restful Sunday.