Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Cards

I have painted Christmas cards all day.  This is the last batch, my hands and my neck are kinda stiff and my husband Rick says, "fun ain't cheap."

I can't believe Christmas is this week.  I am awfully excited about the Christmas full moon.
Though, our weather guys say we won't see it because of all the storms headed our way.
I hope they are wrong.

Our local paper did a story about my cards today.  It has been rather exciting, hearing from friends who saw the story.  The writer, Dale Short did a great job.  It is a little embarrassing too, all this hoopla about my little hand made cards.

My cup of hot tea awaits, I need it desperately tonight.  I am tired, physically and mentally.
I will post my card later in the week.  Wishing you all a week of joy, a week of peace.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Here's the link to the newspaper story


  1. I think it must be exciting to have a talent that is recognized by you newspaper. You should be proud.

  2. That's how it is when you start to get famous. Congratulations on being chosen for the story.

  3. Wonderful article! I love seeing all the talents my blog buddies have! Merry Christmas!