Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodbye November

The last day of November, Rick and I both saw doctors today, hopefully it will be a awhile before we see them again.

My appointment was one of those long ones involving me donating a portion of blood for tests.
By the time we left UAB I was starving, my yogurt breakfast was long gone.  We stopped by Nikki's for fish and vegetables and as soon as we got home, a short nap helped to revive me.

I taught my evening class, that doctor's appointment today got in the way of day classes.  It's ok, I will make it up to them this week.

A warm muggy night.  It is one of those falls, when our weather is warm and balmy for a few days then freezing for a couple. Sweaters one day, shorts the next.

Christmas lights are up and glowing, I love their reflections in the rain.  I think a tree will be found for the Watson house this weekend.   I am sorry to see my pumpkins and fall decorations say goodbye.
Goodnight Sweet dreams 

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  1. I hope that you'll get good results from the blood tests.
    I'm still on antibiotic and feel so tired. I get chills so easily and have lost my appetite and have spent lost of time in bed under a pile of blankets.

    Take care,