Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Questions and Answers

" There are years that ask questions and years that answers." -Zora Hurston

And then some years, there are questions and answers.   Hoping this last hump day of 2015 has been a good one.  Enjoy the rest of the year...and I hope it brings you the answers you seek or the questions you need to ask.


  1. I have decided that this will be the best year yet.

  2. All I know is that I'm marching to my 70th birthday in 2016. How fast the years have ticked by, second by seconds. Always striving to do better than the last and hoping for the best. Striving to give more than I receive and to serve rather than be served...

    Peace and Love for the New Year.

  3. Happy New Year Jilda... I wish you health and happiness this year xox

  4. Enjoy this last day of 2015! Happy New Year!