Monday, November 12, 2012

Warm Cozy Night

Please accept my apologies for not posting yesterday.......since my treatments started in February, I have had really bad bouts of nausea, what can I say it's like being in a horror movie, but my head doesn't spin.

Saturday evening, sitting with our friends it hit, the rest of my night was spent pretty much on the bathroom floor, trying to keep ice chips down.  (sorry for the graphics) Sunday I was out of it, I finally had solid food about an hour ago.  This too shall pass.

Pouring rain this morning, freezing temps tonight, I think we can safely say, fall is here to stay.
As the rain poured down this morning, I watched leaves swirling down to earth, it was a great meditation.  The flannel sheets are on the bed, it will be a cozy night.

My nephew James brought his wife and four children to yoga class tonight.  The children, ages 1 to 10 seemed to love it.  When I gave them warm blankets for relaxation, they almost went to sleep!
Their son, Stone told his parents as they left he wanted me to teach yoga to his basketball team.
Teaching yoga to a roomful of 10 year old boys could be interesting.  :)

Wishing you all a warm cozy night, my cup of ginger tea is waiting.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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