Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Moon

A full moon tonight, Jordan called to remind me.......that is a connection that I hope we always share, the love of a full moon.  Even before he could speak, he was fascinated by the moon.  I think my fascination goes back that far too, my first memories of a full moon........maybe I was two or three years old.

I am envious of friends this week who are traveling in foreign lands, they are seeing the moon over some exotic places.  But I have to admit, this November moon that shines over Alabama tonight is not so shabby.  Some students and I were talking about full moons a couple of weeks ago, we decided it just makes sense, if the moon has power over the ocean's tides and since we are 70% wonder the full moon pulls at us, mystifies us, and enamors us.

Our night sky is deep and dark, full of mystery tonight......the full moon is holding court over the darkness, shimmering in the cold air, beckoning for adoration.  Mother Earth, the sun, the moon and stars.......perfect balance, perfect beauty.  I understand the worship, the love and reverence that those before us had for those orbs.  The earth is our home, the sun warms us, and the moon and stars light up the night sky.

A full moon, where ever you are tonight......take a few moments and gaze at it's beauty, be grateful for its light......and be honored that it shines on you.  

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  1. Jilda! hey! Have you seen 'Moonstruck'?

    I hear the line, "Ah, Bella Luna" as I was reading your post.

    Perhaps that is why I have been moody and wanting to scrub everything in sight today?