Thursday, November 15, 2012


My energy has been the level of a limp noodle today, so I have rested......drank lots of water.....eaten a little.....walked down to the barn.......and rested.  I have to remind myself these are not wasted days, these are  the days when the battery has to recharge.  These are the  days when I am reminded that the body is not indestructible, and that it is ok to sit in the sun, feel the breeze, and just be happy.

I realized around five this afternoon  that I had not even looked at my e-mail since early morning.....I had actually made a list in my day planner, but I never look at it again today, I have learned the hard way, my body will get what it needs or I will be very sick.

I use to wonder why every Christmas Eve I came down with strep throat, once I left the retail world and the stresses of buy,buy, buy, sell, sell, sell.......the strep never came back.  I know that we're told that cold and flu and season hit because we are inside in the heat, etc.....but I also  think come the holidays we let our stress levels hit the roof and we get sick.

So, with the holiday season approaching, take care of yourselves.  Get some extra sleep, drink lots of water, wash you hands often, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and every once in awhile, look around take a breath and ask yourself......what would I be doing if this was my last holiday season with my family......that will help keep it all in perspective.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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