Friday, November 30, 2012


New hair cut today, new hair stylist.......very happy.  Old stylist semi-retired, our schedules were getting more and more difficult to match.  So happy with new cut, got my new passport photo today.
And even with new cut, the picture is pretty frightful!

I am bound and determined, whether my numbers are up or not, this coming year.......I am going somewhere.  I will take my chances.  My wanderlust  has reach a state of frenzy.

I can't help myself, I have always loved to travel.......road trips, planes, an hour away, a day away, it doesn't people, places, food.......I LOVE it.  Packing a suitcase makes me a happy camper! and I am a great packer!  Did I tell you I recently bought new luggage?

Now, we have to think about where, list is long.....poor Rick.

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  1. Rick said your pic was better than find a fun place and hopefully you two can head off for an adventure!