Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the Past

The moon shines through the lace curtains that cover the window in front of my desk.  Sometimes life seems surreal, and this is one of those sit in front of a computer writing this blog, looking up at the moon through heavy cotton lace.  I hear the neighbor's dog barking, the whistle of the tea kettle and  I am transported back to Ireland, getting ready to go sing at the pub.

Being in the present is good, but sometimes a journey back in the past is good for the soul.  I need to feel that aliveness again, the joy of playing music for such an enthusiastic crowd, the fun and fellowship of a pub in a small village or town.

It has been damp and chilly this week,  and the smell of a fire in our neighbors fireplaces triggered fond memories.....of playing at Characters ( a pub in Tullamore) in front of a giant fireplace, the fire roaring.....our friend Dominic pulled a charred piece of wood from the embers and promised he would make me something.   A year later, a bowl with a hole was delivered, it sits in our living room on our coffee table, a place of honor, to be looked at daily with great fondness.

My blueberry tea is ready, and I am ready for its warmth and comfort.
Goodnight, Sweetdreams

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