Wednesday, April 21, 2010

why transformation information?

Every day as a yoga teacher, I see transformation...... in first time students who walk through the door with that deer in the headlight look, and then at the end of class when the stress has left their faces, they are actually taking full breaths(not shallow attempts) and their eyes are full of hope.
The transformation...... most who come to yoga are looking, searching for......relief from pain, relief from stress, a moment of peace, the opportunity for their body to experience movement, balance, anything that takes them away from every day same old same old.
No matter how good our lives are, or how difficult they may be, we need transformation.....change
because without it, stagnation takes hold and though we may live a very long stagnant life, life leaves us before we ever die.
Transformation is hard, it is so easy to think we want the same life day after day, but that is not the way life was meant to be. We are born, we learn to smile, to coo, to crawl, to walk.
We grow, we question, we learn. We love, we cry, we face failure and success. Sooner or later,
we die. But in between it all, there is so much!!!!! People we meet, things we learn and places
we see.
So hopefully through the blog, transformation will be a little easier for all of us.......or maybe it is just the chance for me to let let go of my thoughts, my fears, my worries and share
what I learned or didn't learn with all of you.

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  1. Thank you Jilda, I needed to read what you shared and apply it to my daily life...