Saturday, April 24, 2010

old friends

Rick and I attended the DHS Alumni Banquet tonight, and by the way, my husband was
honored with Alumnus of the Year award!!!!!! yes, I am proud of him! It was so good to see old friends and catch up on each other 's lives. It is amazing that you can see folks you haven't seen in years, and it is just as though you talked with them yesterday. Our high school is small, and some in our county seem to think we are on the wrong side of the river(sorta like wrong side of the tracks), but our folks are kind, good hearted, people. The kind who are just doing the best they can, dealing with life and death, joy and sadness and the kind if you ever needed help, they are there in a heartbeat! I looked around at those who attended tonight's banquet, and thought about many of the ups and downs that each of them has been through. They are the threads that weave such a strong part of the goodness of this country. They have strong faith, work hard, love their community, family and friends. Just every day people living ordinary lives that make this place such an extraordinary place to live! So tonight, where ever you live, show a little gratitude for your neighbor, for those who seem so ordinary, because believe me, if you take the time to know them, to learn a little about them, there is something special and unique about each one. Tonight, I am grateful for my old friends and I am grateful for my new friends who are
reading this blog.

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