Thursday, April 22, 2010

salt, more than seasoning!

So, here we are deep in the South, and pollen is the heaviest it has been in years! There is a yellow coating on cars, porches, driveways, it is every where!!!!! Driving into Birmingham, the city looks
as though it is shrouded in fog, nope it is POLLEN! Everyone you meet is coughing and sneezing,
they all have sinus headaches, what to do, what to do??????
Get thee a nettie pot, NOW!!!!! I am always being asked about nettie pots and I am here to tell you if you suffer from chronic sinus/allergy misery, a nettie pot could become your best friend.
I have had sinus problems since I was a child, I did allergy shots, which really did help. But, it
seemed in the spring there was still that pollen issue. I kept reading about nettie pots and I had friends who used them, so one day when Rick and I could not stand the sinus crud any longer
we bought nettie pots.
For Rick and I they work so well! This small tea pot looking contraption that you fill with salt water, you hang your head over the bathroom sink, and yep you guessed it, begin to pour the
salt water through one nostril. The first time, honestly, I freaked, pouring water in your nose
is not exactly pleasant, and what comes out, well it can be downright disgusting. But I hung in there, and my sinus infections become fewer and fewer. I sung its praises every time I saw
my pulmonary doc, because I think he was rather surprised at how clear my nasal passages were.
I became so enthralled with the healing properties of salt that I bought a Himalayan salt
inhaler, the theory behind it..........the folks who worked in salt mines rarely had any
sinus/asthma problems. I remembered all the times when I was a child that my mom had me
gargle with warm salt water for a sore throat. So now I use my salt inhaler and nettie pot along
with my daily meds that my doc has me on. So far, even with the thickest pollen I have ever
seen, my salt routine seems to be working for me.
I have been seeing articles in magazines lately about using salt water to flush out nostrils, maybe our mothers and grandmothers were right! of course I still have my doubts about Rick's mother's remedy for chicken pox........ letting a chicken fly over you!
You can buy nettie pots in the sinus section of almost any drug store, I hope this little bit of
info transforms your sinus crud.

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