Sunday, April 25, 2010


I read an article recently about giving and sharing. I had not really thought about those two words in a long time and certainly not in the context they were written about. So, I began to think about the word give(giving). So often, I come home and say I am give out! Usually when I say that, it is because I have given emotionally and physically all day. But this article I read talked about how the word give can be so different than share. So I am trying to share more now, than give.
When I started to think about the word share, it made so much more sense than give. When we share, we do just that without thoughts of any thing in return. But many times when we use the word give, we think or expect to get something back. Being a singer/songwriter really brought
the message home to me in a different way. So many of my musician friends complain about not making any money playing music and that they are always being asked to do free gigs. But you know, I have never quit my day job so I guess I can be a little more free than some, but I have always thought of my music/talents as gifts. It has always been more important to me that I share my gifts than that I give them and expect something in return. Singing and writing and performing bring me such incredible joy that I would just about pay someone to let me sing.
Yes, it would be nice to and is nice to get money to sing, but you know, I just don't do it for the money. When someone comes up to me after they hear me sing and tell me how much they love the song or how much they love my voice, that is gold to me. I think it is a very sad world when talents such as music are not shared, but always expected to be exchanged for money.
I know some of you are probably saying not so nice things about me at this point, but this is my blog, and my way of sharing my thoughts! I think we have let our greed destroy friendships, relationships, and in many ways our world. Sharing a meal, sharing a song, sharing love, can bring incredible joy to our hearts, think about what you can share with someone.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this ... I enjoyed reading your post tonight...