Friday, April 23, 2010

atmosphere transformation

There is true transformation in our atmosphere is raining. A slow gentle rain started to fall about an hour ago, punctuated by soft booms of thunder. This is a welcome transformation tonight, hopefully by morning the thick, sticky yellow pollen will be washed away and we can all take a deep breath!
Of course, this is spring in Alabama and now there is talk of violent weather tomorrow, wind, hail and tornadoes. I am a weather geek, the Weather Channel is one of my favorites, I love to read about the weather, talk about the weather........because there is always change in the weather.
Well at least here in Alabama, there is always a change in the weather and many times it is bound to be extreme!
I love snow, I love the cold, and the weather we have had for the past few days has been magical, just like Northern California, warm sunny days and cool nights. But it was too good to last, there is that transformation thing again, change! I am not fond of the violence of spring storms, actually they make me quite fearful. A thunderstorm can be exciting, but horizontal rain, winds that make buildings explode, and hail the size of baseballs, that is just downright scary!
So tonight, I say a prayer of gratitude for the rain that is falling, I say another prayer that the energy vanishes from the approaching weather system and that all creatures great and small
remain safe.

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