Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tuesday Transformation

A rainy cloudy morning turned into a beautiful afternoon and that afternoon brought an incredible sunset.  If you had told me this morning that the day would go the way it has I would have doubted and probably laughed.  Surprises can be awfully good sometimes.

The bees were just about causing traffic jams on the blueberry blossoms this afternoon.  Not only honey bee, but bumble bees, all sorts of bees.  I think they were intoxicated from all the pollen and sweetness of the flowers.  It was a sight to behold, all those bees.  You could feel their vibrations in the air and hear their buzz.

We have also had an early arrival of one single yellow butterfly.  Hook has chased him all afternoon.  I am sure that butterfly just laughs at that big goofy dog as he tries his best to catch him.

Be kind tomorrow, stay healthy, wash your hands and spread some joy.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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