Sunday, March 1, 2020

March 1

March 1....came in like a lamb for today, but becomes a lion tomorrow

March 1...meteorologists consider this the first day of spring, me, I wait for the equinox on the 19th

March 1... my nephew James, my niece Becky, her son Jared, my sister in law Deb, my niece Dani,
my sister Pat, my friend Keith,  my late friend Ron,  and me....all our birthdays are this month. Wow.

March 1993 we had a blizzard in March, 18 inches of snow

March 1...just a few years ago, we had snow on March 1...there is hope

March 1...this is the month when the earth awakens, everything seems to bloom at once

March 1...St. Patrick's Day, I cook a very traditional Irish meal

March 1...5-6 inches of rain expected this week

March day you wear your coat, the next day a tee shirt...some years we have spring, some years we go straight to summer

March 1...spring break

March favorite spring meal...fresh green peas, steamed new potatoes and grilled salmon

March 1...white jeans come out of the closet

March much as I love winter, it's exciting to see the world awaken


  1. March came in like a lamb here too. We had a beautiful Sunday. I have a birthday this month too. Happy Birthday to you !

  2. Only 2 birthdays in March for me, March also see's some cooler days, although yesterday was 37 degrees