Sunday, March 22, 2020

Busy Sunday

Rainy and cold this morning, but the sun came out after  lunch, the sky was blue and what a beautiful day it became.  We hung our hummingbird feeders yesterday, two came for a visit and food today.
We did another song video today, sure Rick will post it on his blog at some point.  We also did my Monday night yoga class video.  It will post on at 7:00 tomorrow night.  Join us for class.

The azaleas are in full bloom now.  Driving down the road in front of our house is quite picturesque.
Be kind, stay well.


  1. I will try out the yoga video! That should be fun! Stay safe and well. I can see Spring is really coming out in your neck of the woods. We have some daffodils springing up but not much else yet since snow still likes to fly here!

  2. I love azaleas! I used to have them, but here there is nothing. I moved 23years ago and this place is bare of anything growing. The only spring thing we have is Spring showers, which will eventually bring some May flowers our way.