Friday, October 14, 2016

I Love A Parade

Today was Homecoming at our local high school.  It is the high school Rick and I and our siblings attended and Homecoming has been a big tradition there my whole life.  The middle and elementary schools get out a half day so the little kids can watch the parade.

I took Jordan to my sister's house because she lives only a couple of blocks from parade central, where it all starts.  Five other great and great-great nieces and nephews were there as well.
We had pizza and juice boxes, I took bubbles for the kids to play with and the weather was perfect.
80 degrees with a nice breeze gave the kids a great day to be outside.

There were 34 floats and each float was filled with football players, cheerleaders, beauty queens, fire men, police officers and anyone else that wanted to ride and throw candy and trinkets to the kids.
By the time it was over all six of our kids had bags full of goodies...Halloween came early.  With the band playing and sirens wailing it was just a huge kids party.

I am so glad that our kids live in a small town.  I know there are many benefits to growing up in a big city, but I think for little kids small towns are the best.  Next weekend, we are having chili/hot dog fest for the kids and they get to paint pumpkins and chase each other all over our yard and pick apples.

I am exhausted and I know Rick is too.  He is at the game tonight taking pictures for the website.
We have an awesome gig tomorrow, a couple of hours away and then Sunday will hopefully be a rest day.

I hope your Friday was as much fun as mine.


  1. The parade sounds like fun. Glad Jordan got to go to the parade. Enjoy your gig tomorrow!

  2. Homecoming Parade is always fun. Having so many to enjoy it with is a bonus.

  3. I agree. Small towns are the best. You can always go to the city for a day. I've enjoyed looking thru your blog.

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