Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Sometimes you just need comfort.  Comfort might be a warm hug, a cup of hot tea and a good book, a call from a friend or maybe a tasty morsel.  This evening I needed comfort and it turns out, I needed a tasty morsel.

Cooking and eating is always an experience for me.  Generally we eat extremely healthy, but tonight I made banana walnut bread with cream cheese and butter.  It is decadent, moist and tasty with a hint of cinnamon and yes, I do feel comforted.

Now I didn't eat the whole loaf, I shared with Samantha and Rick will take some to his office tomorrow.  Actually Rick and I shared a slice tonight and I can see us doing the same in the morning with our coffee.

Good food is meant to be shared.  I cook with love and I pass the food around to those I love.
All things in moderation for me, and that includes butter and cream cheese.

October is the birth month of my dad and Rick's dad, it is the anniversary of my parent's marriage.
There are always emotional moments for me during this time.  I looked out the window this evening and saw the waxing moon.  I like to think that my parents and Rick's dad could smell the aroma of the bread baking in the oven and see me in the kitchen with the moon shinning through the window.

I feel the comfort of the warm bread in my tummy and the loving memories of my parents and Rick's dad tonight.  Life is good.

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