Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1

September 1...what happened to 2015?

September 1...90 degrees today, ok, fall where are you?

September 1...the beauty bushes are full of those stunning purple berries

September 1...days are getting shorter

September 1...I have very mixed emotions about football

September 1...the hummingbirds are filling their bellies for their trip south

September 1...I love fall, it is my most favorite season

September 1...I love the earthiness of root vegetables

September 1...I could do without ragweed, I am sure there is some reason for it, but I could do without it

September 1...cannot wait to wear my new boots

September 1...fall makes me feel very optimistic

September 1...fires in the fire pit and smores soon to come

September 1...apples, pears and grapes...yummy

September 1...burning leaves, I love the smell


  1. You listed some of my favorite things about my favorite season.

  2. I love September too. My body felt it first change of season during the night so I know the season change has begun.

    Each time the season changes gears, I have some hot flushes that are not like hot flashes but I can feel it in the pit of my stomach and they wake me up during the night.... I have a friend who feels the change of seasons too.

    I'm ready for September too.

  3. September is my favourite month too. September 1 always reminding us that the Green may turn into Rusty, but not before the bright Orange of Fall. It may be end of Summer but the beautiful colors of Fall are waiting for us to greet them.