Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Live Now

September 30, how can that be?  Only yesterday it was September 1, well it seemed like yesterday.
That is how life is, isn't it?  Unless you are a kid, each decade brings an intensity and speed to time that is unthinkable.

So, what this time thing means tonight, live your life.  Don't look for the worst, I promise you will find it.  Live your life, expect the best, look for the good.  You can't go back and redo yesterday, you can't go forward and control tomorrow, all you can do is live now.  Live life now.

Tomorrow is October 1, and I promise, October 31 will here soon.  Holy cow!  So live life now.


  1. Thanks for the reminder...'We are never promised tomorrow'.
    Lovely, post!

  2. It's my favorite month and it makes me happy it has 31 days to enjoy this Fall season.