Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Fall

Ragweed has spread its nasty pollen all around.  There is no place you can go in our neck of the woods that you don't hear sneezing and coughing.  At work today as I walked down the hall coughs and sneezes echoed, reminding those who were unscathed their time was coming. That is the downside to fall, colds, allergies and flu season thrive.

By the way, tomorrow is the first official day of autumn. The equinox takes place a little after 4 tomorrow morning.  Happy Fall!

I hope where ever you live, the cough and sneeze bug doesn't find you.  Celebrate a glorious fall day tomorrow no matter where you live.  It won't last long.  Old man winter waits in the wings with his frosty touch.


  1. We've had almost perfect weather here...70's in the day...40's at night and sunshine all day too! It's Ashland county fair week so I'm sure the fair folks are super happy. Hope you don't have too much trouble with those allergies!

  2. I not only had the cough but I ended up with a bout of laryngitis. This time of year can be rough.