Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Musings

It's Monday, September is almost gone, the moon is full and the sky is cloudy...oh well, maybe next time.  I still taught moon salutations for classes today. Though we can not see the moon, can definitely feel its energy.

Calliou has issues with the momma hen and chick.  He is so curious, and he wants to herd.  Momma hen wants him as far away as he can be.  She chased him all the way to the doggie door a couple of days ago. My mind was racing, what if she goes through the doggie door and gets in the house.  Thankfully, she stopped short of the coming in the house.

Calliou is getting paranoid.  When he walks across the back yard, he keeps his best eye on Rhodie, the momma hen.  She keeps her best eye on him.  I  am not quite sure where this conflict will end, hopefully we can end it peacefully.

I hope the rest of September flows like honey, you have blue skies, cool nights and beautiful autumn leaves.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. It can be funny when an animal like Calliou gets protective of a new mother like Rhodie. Both are trying to see to it that the chick is safe but neither thinks the other can do it.

  2. We had a clear night for the last two days ... I was able to see the lunar moon and the full one the next night... pretty awesome.. I hope Calliou and Rhodie work it out peacefully... Have an awesome October Jilda xox