Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Refillable Glass

There are days in each of our lives when we feel that magical existence that all is right with our world and we are fearless and unbeatable.  Then there are days that are quite the opposite, where we question each thought and move that we make and doubt our very existence.

But, most days are somewhere in the middle.  Those days in the middle where there is a part of us that knows we do some things well, some really well and maybe some we should have never tried and left to others.

Most of our life is lived in the middle. Most of our memories or most that we talk about, are of those extreme days.  Some of us dwell on the incredibly good moments, some on the worst of times.
A friend of mine shared something with me yesterday that struck a chord...instead of thinking that the glass is half full or half empty, we should remember that it is refillable.

Instead of thinking of those extreme times, we need to remember, we can refill the glass.  As long as there is breath and life in us, we can refill the glass.  That is what the middle is all about, refilling our glass.  Those days when for the most part, we live on auto-pilot, those are the days that are given to us so that we may refill our glass.  

Where ever you are tonight, it might be the magic place where all is wonderful or it might be that place where all you want is a bed with covers that you can pull up over your head or you are some where in the middle...don't forget, you can refill the glass, it is refillable.


  1. My goodness what a thought. I absolutely love the refillable glass statement and will use it from now on.

  2. Yes, Jilda, there's always a chance to start over and refill our glass. What a great statement.