Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday Thoughts

 The weekends are tough, the weekdays are tough.    There is always something to remind me of Rick.

Just when I think all those loose ends are tied up nicely, a few more show up.  Almost two hours on the phone today with one company, making one change.  Nothing should be this hard to do when you are in the throes of grief, but technology has made life very very complicated.  This too shall pass.

A cold front came through this afternoon.   The dogs and I sat on the back deck, listening to the rumble of thunder, feeling the wind change from warm and muggy to crisp and cool.  The yellow and red leaves swirled as butterflies flitted in the bee garden.  I will start our yearly conversion of screen porch to green porch tomorrow, hanging thick plastic over the screen and then slowly moving all the plants from the deck  in the next few days.  

This September is almost gone, this year is almost gone.  2020 will haunt me forever.

Be kind this week, remember to breathe, listen to music, look at something beautiful and at least once a day, laugh out loud. 

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