Friday, September 25, 2020

A Day of Change

 I decorated my front door for fall and got out my fall flag.  I am continuing with old traditions and making some new ones as well.  This creating a different life is strange at best.  Tropical storm Beta came through yesterday with over 3 inches of rain.  We needed the rain.   But if was a rough day emotionally for me.

I usually spend most of my day outside and though I did walk in the rain and do some chores, being indoors more than usual triggered some tears.  It's ok.  The good thing about crying alone, no one sees that ugly face with all the tears streaming down.

I am still meditating every  morning at 7:00.  I truly believe to bring about change, we have to be the change.   I also turned in my resignation to work yesterday.  That was bittersweet.  December I would have been there 15 years, but the desire to teach and give is no longer with me, at least not for now.

I hope your weekend is filled with peace and hope and kindness.  


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