Monday, September 21, 2020


 I promised information about studies that were done on meditation and violence ( war and conflict).

In the the 1980s there was a group of meditators in the Middle East that decided to meditate to end/slow down the violence of the Israel/ Lebanon War.  When the results of the study were in, levels of conflict were reduced on those days when meditations were done.  Yale University in 1988 decided to do 2 1/2 years of subsequent studies and just like the previous ones there were significant reductions of violence with each study.

From the Power of the Collective by John Hagelin, in 1993, 4000 participants in Washington DC meditated with the intention to lower violent crime in the DC area and they too achieved results much like those done with the Yale study.

Through the years more than 60 studies have taken place showing how meditation can can reduce violence and conflict through out the world.   That is why I am encouraging all of you to start a meditation  practice if you don't have one.  I believe something as simple as 5 minutes daily, breathing, sitting still and just thinking the word peace as you inhale and kindness as you exhale can calm the turmoil in our world.  It will certainly calm you.  I do this practice every morning at 7:00, but you find the time best suited for you.

I set my alarm for 10 minutes, but 5 is fine too.  For those minutes, you sit quietly and breathe.  Yes the dogs will bark, the phone will ring, your nose will itch, etc.  Just keep bringing your awareness to that inhalation of peace and exhalation of kindness.  Your day will be better I promise.  I know many of you pray, but meditation is different, it takes you inward and that peace and kindness will start with you.

If you set the alarm on your phone or clock, you won't have to worry about the time.  Meditation is good for your physical body, your spirit and your mental health.  It's free and in the scheme of things, five minutes can change your life and maybe many other lives.

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