Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hump Day

I read a wonderful blog tonight about stillness and silence.    I know this might sound a little strange coming from a musician, but I love silence.  Actually I crave it and if I don't have those moments of silence, of being still ,I become out of sorts.  Those moments nourish my spirit.  They inspire my creativity and they make me a better person, a better teacher.

I am always urging my students to find stillness, to sit in silence.  I urge you to sit in silence a few minutes every day.  Once you do, you will find yourself like me, craving it.  No tv, no music, no conversation...just silence...and stillness.

We spent most of our  morning with our primary care doc, doing the regular check-up stuff. Then we treated ourselves to lunch at our favorite meat and three.  It's been a good hump day.

Remember kindness tomorrow, to yourself and others.


  1. I also need my silent time alone every day.
    Take care and enjoy this new day.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Nice to go over the hump of the week on a positive note. Glad you had a wonderful Wednesday/ Now for a happy Thursday! Life is what we make it.

  3. only in silence one can manifest their thoughts Aapki News Delhi more beautifully.