Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Greens and Drought

We are expecting our first frost Thursday  night.  Today I transplanted collard plants, gave some to friends and still have lots more to plant.  If you have never eaten collard greens they are an acquired taste but I love them.  I have been eating them since I was a very small child.  When I was growing up, we ate seasonal.  Probably because we raised so much of our food, but various greens, root vegetables  and soups and stews  and dried beans were our fall and winter diet...still that way.

I mentioned the first frost because collard greens develop a sweetness when frost bites their leaves.
When I was digging in the earth this morning I was shocked that about three inches down, the ground was bone dry.  This after we had almost six inches of rain last weekend.  That's the kind of drought we are in.  Thankfully more rain to come tonight and Wednesday and Thursday.  I just wish I could share it with the folks in California.

Nothing planned for tomorrow morning except a good long practice session.  We have a gig next weekend and we are getting ready to have fun.  Of course there is work after lunch, but the morning is all about the music.

My cup of hot tea awaits,  be kind tomorrow and laugh out loud.

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