Monday, December 8, 2014

Moon Blessings

I finally saw the moon tonight, and it is a beauty.  If Jordan were not asleep right now, we would be gazing at the moon and stars with the telescope.  Tonight I am so proud of him, my heart could just burst.......Santa came to his school today.  When it came Jordan's time to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, it was only a couple of things.......Santa asked him if he was sure that was all he wanted........Jordan told him yes, that he knew Santa had to give a lot of other kids toys because their parents couldn't afford to buy them much.  I wish we could all have the kind hearts that this six year old has.

As this cold winter's moon shines down on all of us tonight, I pray blessings of peace and joy for us all.  May its silvery light fill our paths with the light of love.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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