Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Am Grateful

Classes today were exceptional.......sometimes the groups just amaze me.  The search for peace and joy in their personal lives have led many of them straight to the bottom.......with addictions, one tends to look for that joy and peace through alcohol, sex and or/drugs.  I love seeing their faces after their first yoga class or when they meditate and find that place of peace.

The moon is magnificent tonight, the telescope needs a little work, so Jordan will come over tomorrow night for his private viewing of the night sky.  Part of his Christmas present is a book called Stars that I ordered from National Geographic, he is going to love it.

So that is how my day has been, yoga and meditation and looking at the night sky as I drove home.
The cherry on top.......Taz was ready to cuddle tonight, and Calliou greeted me before I could get out of the car.  I also saw some beautiful Christmas decorations on the way home.
It has been a good day.......I am grateful.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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