Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Thunder

Rain has come down in torrents today.......at one point we had pink lightening.  For years Rick laughed at my folk wisdom passed down from my grandmother Mamie and my mom.......through the years he has grown wiser.   It might  be our Irish heritage,  my brother Ricky and I have always been fascinated with the weather, but so was Mamie.   Mamie's favorite weather wisdom was thunder in December, snow on that same day in January........I can't remember a time when she was wrong on that one.......will keep you posted on the weather here January 23.  Another bit of wisdom ( non-weather) that she passed on to me concerning mishaps with broken dishes, figurines,etc.........and maybe she was just trying to make me feel better.......when I was a child, maybe 10 or 11, I was looking at one of the many figurines that she had and I dropped it, of course it broke.  I was upset, but she told me that the breaking of something she cared for, protected someone she loved from being hurt.  Through the years, I have told myself that one many times, when a glass or dish was broken.

Most of the gifts are wrapped, I have not made my biscotti, will do that tomorrow, along with Christmas cookies and more spiced cider.  A bout with meningitis again last night and getting up with some bronchial stuff today, kept me from teaching my classes, hopes are high for Friday.
For those of you north and east of us.......rain is on its way, stay safe, and warm.
Goodnight Sweet Dreams
Happy Christmas Eve Eve

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  1. There's some wisdom to be found in these old wives tales. They paid attention to the weather patterns.
    Happy Christmas Eve.