Tuesday, November 25, 2014


What I have called the "dreaded serum sickness" and what has now been defined by the new doc as aseptic meningitis hit about 3:30 this morning, it has been a bear.  So, now I have missed two days of work am hoping like heck I get to go tomorrow.  This is not how I had my Thanksgiving week planned......take a breath, a nap and work through it.  Last year the stuff hit me on Thanksgiving morning, maybe it has run it's course for this week.  Doesn't matter, life goes on, even when I am on the couch.  And I am much better tonight.  Plans are always subject to change.....that is life.

Tomorrow is hump day......let's hope it is a tiny hump and we all skip right through it.
goodnight, sweet dreams

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  1. So sorry about the serum sickness hitting you again on the eve of Thanksgiving. I hope you'll feel all better tomorrow.