Friday, November 7, 2014

A Gift of Love

Transformation comes in surprising ways......yesterday was difficult.... the day after treatment, physically and mentally out of sync.  I call those days lost.......and sometimes it  makes me angry at myself that  for the past three years I have experienced so many of them.

Around 4:30 yesterday afternoon the phone rang, I recognized the number as a local florist in Sumiton.  The sweet young woman calling, said  they had a delivery for me and asked if I would be home for awhile.......about an hour later, a knock on the door and there was the most beautiful vase of flowers. I could not imagine who had sent them and quickly took a  look at the card.

When I read the card, I cried.........some of my students at work had sent them. I could not believe they sent me flowers......I can't remember the last time a florist brought flowers to my door......
So the pity party ended, and I reminded myself of how much I had to be grateful for.......I will never forget their kindness and love.


  1. Beautiful flowers from thoughtful students.
    Flowers are like LIFE, so beautiful but at the same time so fragile.
    Get well soon.

  2. Your students must care very much for you Jilda and it doesn't surprise me. You give them an awful lot so it does come around! The flowers are beautiful.. I'm sorry you have to go through those dark days but I guess it's a small price to pay for your good days?? Hope you feel better today! XX

  3. That was such a wonderful thing for them to do... I am glad they thought of doing this for you Jilda xox