Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Treatment #35 today........the infusion room was not so busy today and for the first time in many months, there seemed to be no sadness nor tears.  All day you could hear chatter and laughter, even the nurses seemed to be less stressed.  As always, my friend Louis was there speaking to everyone in the room......he calls me the queen of the infusion room, but trust me, he holds court and it is his kingdom the moment he walks in.  I always sit in the same big green chair, he tells everyone it is my throne.

The nurses talked about how long they had been at the infusion center, one has been there since before her son was born ( and has known Louis the whole time).  Her son is a freshman at Auburn University now.  There are bonds and friendships formed by those drips and big green chairs, I know.....the nurses seem like family now.

A full moon tomorrow night, and there was a ring around it last night when I drove home from work.
I have said it before, but there is just something special about the night sky in the fall and winter and the sunsets are much more colorful.  This weekend we will do a gratitude ceremony, there is much to be grateful for at the Watson house.

I am weak and shaky tonight, the bed is calling my name......
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Get some rest I'm glad you had a good day for your treatment xo

  2. I hope that you'll have a great rest of the week and that you won't be so sick.

  3. I'm glad there was a good feeling in the infusion room. Louis sounds like a really great guy! I wish you both good health! The moon looked amazing last night...I got some interesting pics I need to post. Take care!