Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Treatment #25

Treatment starts my third year of has been one more journey.
Today was also Rick's birthday.......he got to spend it at the clinic with me, six hours.....not much celebrating at the Watson house tonight.  We are both exhausted.

This morning was busy in the infusion room, things slowed down about noon.....I met a new chair buddy.....she's young and scared.....but there is  strength in her eyes.  She kept asking the question that probably most ask when they sit in those green chairs......."why me?"  There is no way I can answer that is one of those that for some there is no answer, for others, like me.......I finally came to the  conclusion....."why not me".  We talked for a long time......some want to talk, others don' least not at first.....but sooner or later, it truly helps to talk to someone else who sits in the green chairs.  We might not share the same disease, but we share the bond of those drips and those chairs.

Half way across the country, another friend was getting his drip today.  He called this morning to wish Rick a Happy Birthday.  We wished each other luck with the meds .  It's interesting how your support group develops, I have friends who text me on drip days, encouraging me to stay strong, to know that I am loved, and to rest.  They will never know how much their words mean to me.......there are days in that green chair when I feel like Alice, and I have fallen down the rabbit hole......never to know normal again.

I have been down today, I felt so bad that Rick spent his day at the clinic with me......but he knows, if the roles were reversed, I would do the same for him.  The nurses as always were so kind and caring, making sure all was right in my green universe.  I watch them, amazed at their skills, their compassion and their energy.  In another life, I hope I come back as one of them.....they do such important work.

I still can't believe today starts my third year in those green has been an eternity, it has been five definitely has changed my life.


  1. Hugs Jilda. I listened to your CD tonight. Thank you for that. Always, thinking of you.

  2. Three years is a long time to make friend with those green chairs. Wishing you some rest and a good sleep tonight.

  3. 'The Pest Exterminator" (I had to give names to all the medics to remember what they did and he was the guy in charge - he did like his name btw) told us ... its just plain bad luck there is no choosing in this game and there are no favourites.
    Even tho I am only the Carer ..... I know what you are going through..... chin up the sun will rise and the sun will set. Enjoy the good days and veg out on the bad ones. love and hugs from downunder.

  4. First, Happy birthday to Rick. I bet he felt bad you had to spend time in the green chairs more than the fact he spent his birthday there. I don't have any magic words or advice to share. Please just know you have my prayers that sometime soon all your and Rick's birthdays will be spent somewhere fabulous!

  5. Sending you many polar bear hugs your way, Jilda. Happy birthday to Rick.