Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Cold Saturday Night

Rick has a cold, he never gets sick, but he is looking rather rough tonight.  We went out for dinner this evening and you could hear people all across the restaurant coughing and sneezing.
You would think with all this wind and cold weather, no virus could live, you would be wrong.

We have consumed mass quantities of hot ginger tea, peppermint tea and lots of air borne.
I had the crud when we vacationed in Jackson Hole in October, I don’t want it again.
If wearing garlic cloves around my neck and not taking a bath would keep the stuff away, I would do it.

The moon has been extraordinary this week, both its rising and setting.  The night sky seems to know when the moon is at its best and even the stars twinkle a little brighter.  For some reason I have missed my parents a great deal this week, they have been in my thoughts daily. Treatment week often makes  me wistful, Rick does a great job of caring for me, but memories of my mom taking care of me are strong.

It’s Saturday night, cold and and windy……I hope where ever you are tonight, you are well, warm and cozy.
Goodnight Sweet dreams.


  1. ok no hugs but just warm fuzzies and get well thoughts coming up Our moon has been quite red and sometimes orange, but I put that down to the bushfires which have been raging.
    Some days you are The Statue and some you are the pigeon Today The Scot was the statue so we had a 'veg out' day and watched the cricket on the TV whilst I did my sewing.
    keep on feeling better.

  2. Hope Rick is feeling better by now. You both don't need any germs right now. Hugs to you both!