Monday, January 13, 2014


Anxiety.......that is what we covered in today's yoga classes.  Yoga helps with anxiety, we began with the breath.....if you feel anxious it may be hard to take a deep focus on the exhalation and not the inhalation.  Breathing through the nose is calming, it slows the heart rate and slow exhalations calm the stress centers in the brain.

We did extremely gentle asanas, and of course kept the breath slow.  When it came time for relaxation
I placed folded blankets across the abdomen, eye pillows on the eyes, and we began once again to control and focus on the breath.

When class was over, each person commented on how much calmer they felt, how relaxed.  Yoga's gentle moves, breath work and meditation as well the awareness it brings to the body and it's functions truly helps those prone to anxiety and panic issues.  Both classes this afternoon were pleasantly surprised by the calmness they all felt when class ended.
I love my job.


  1. I have never taken yoga but have oftne thought I should. I am always on duty and have a hard time slowing down. It would probably be really good for me. It sounds healing- xo Diana

  2. Hmmm. Stress and anxiety make the movements associated with both Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremour worse so yoga could be helpful. I do wonder how it would work for someone with balance (inner ear) issues though?