Monday, January 6, 2014


Bitter cold, has been quite a January for Alabama so far.....six degrees tonight, only eighteen for a high today......stay warm, I know the cold is raging in a large part of the US, once again stay warm.

Classes were small today, I cancelled the community class one wants to get out in the cold.  Today five small young deer were in our back yard, I worry about the animals tonight.  I hope if you have pets, you have brought them in, or they have a warm dry place to sleep.

Old habits die hard, when I was a teenager and started to drive, in the winter months my dad always insisted that I have gloves, hat, scarf, and coat in the car with me......I still keep an extra jacket and usually a blanket or two in the back seat......just in case.  I now lecture Samantha and Jordan on the importance of those same things.

And while we are discussing is still not too late to get a flu shot.....and wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.  The flu can be deadly, see a doctor if you think you are coming down with it.

Ok, lecture is over,  I am off the soapbox......stay warm and cozy and well.


  1. I have a nasty head cold that has taken up permanent residence in my nose..not pretty. I might have to hit up the ENT doc tomorrow for an antibiotic. The temps here are feeling like 30below...Jack and I were just wondering about the deer and wonder how the animals make it in this super freeze. Our Eddy and Squeak are safe and warm and so are we with our wood burning furnace. You stay safe and warm too. Jack will probably cancel his day at the office but the hospital will go on as usual..such a cold ride in the early morning! Nothing stops our patients from their surgery day!

  2. You sound likes some of the docs we work with. Good advice!
    The animals metabolism goes up when it gets colder and they get warmer plus have an oily protective covering that helps according to my husband when I too, was worriedly asking.